About company

    The engineering company MAINOR FREDI provides industrial automation and power engineering services since 1988. Having been on the market for such a long time, our company has been through the whole changing process of the business environment during the re-independence period in Estonia, developed together with the market changes and itself initiated such changes. During its existence Mainor Fredi has been the importer and promoter of up-to-date equipment, technologies and modern methods of work arrangement.

    Presently our main fields of activity are:

    • Power quality investigation and corrective measures.
    • Import, resale and installation of P.F. correction equipment and filters for harmonic reduction.
    • Supplying control and automation equipment in accordance to the customers specifications and special requirements.

    Mainor Fredi is a sales representative in Estonia for the following companies:

    TELEGROUP S.R.L. - power factor correction equipment, harmonic filters, DC rectifiers - battery chargers, UPS systems
    POLYLUX - inductors and harmonic compensators;

    Our main clients are industrial, infrastructure and power companies.


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